Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stress relief in the Workplace

Check out these ideas from Lifestyle Councillor Beth King on how to relief stress at work.
Relieving stress at work is something that most people wish they could do and while a person may not be able to reduce it 100% there are products and things you can bring in that will help to lessen the stress. It probably isn't possible to change the furniture or color of the walls but there are products that can be brought in that will not change the decor or structure of the work place.  Listed below are just some of the products that are easy and affordable.

1.  Headphones.  These can be used with your ipod or any type of MP3 player and possibly used with your computer.  Listening to music or nature sounds can be relaxing a a great way to reduce stress.
2.  White noise machines.  These often have options such as birds chirping, waves crashing or wind blowing, all of which can be relaxing yet not distracting.  These are available at stores such as Target, Walmart and many on line stores including
3.  Stress relief toys.  These are bendable toys, soft balls to squeeze and even small games that serve not only as stress relief but a distraction for a few minutes which can bring relief.  Many office supply stores carry these as well as online stores such as  They are inexpensive and can be put in a drawer or carried around easily.
4.  Items that have moving magnetic balls, sand, etc. can be relaxing when you watch them and can provide a very similar affect as meditation.
Not only can these products be purchased easily and inexpensively but bringing in some of the comforts of home can also help with stress relief.  Think about the number of hours most spend at their job compared to the amount of time spent in the home.  It's sad but true that often times, people spend more hours in their office at their desk than they do at home so why not bring decorative items in?  A nice pretty desk lamp can not only offer additional lighting but make the space more attractive and therefore, more appealing to be in.  
Scents are also shown to reduce stress and even change a mood and give energy and clear thinking.  There are many aromatherapy products such as scented oils, reed sticks and even gel sticks that can be purchased inexpensively at most stores selling home goods, including grocery stores.
Pictures from home, of loved ones, family, sunsets or anything else that reminds one of the things they love outside of the office can reduce stress and give a feeling of peace and well being.
Since exercise is a great stress reducer, exercise bands can be used at the desk along with small hand held weights.  There are several sites on line, such as that offers videos of exercises that can be done sitting down.  Take a 15 minute break and do a mini work out to relieve stress and energize.  
Sometimes something as simple as paper and colored pencils or even crayons to doodle on and color with can also bring instant stress relief.  These things are minimal in cost, easy to carry and will not create distraction or interruptions to other co-workers.   Try to combine a few of the ideas listed above and see how not only will you be reducing stress but will be spending time in an environment that is more comfortable and motivating.



  1. These are such good tips! I turn into such a stress case at work, and I get overwhelmed so easily. I'll definitely be trying some of these. Thanks Alexis!

  2. I have used stress relief items all the time at work as well as during exam times. That and music are perfect to relax.

  3. I wish that a lot of these options could be used at my work. However, I could easily use the scent option so, thank you. I can always use all the stress relief help I can get when it comes to work.

  4. These are important tips! Everyone should find a way that works best for them to relieve or calm stress. Listening to music works well for me.